(India's No.1 Defence Academy)


parade at Manasa defence Academy



Parade training at Manasa Defence Academy offers a comprehensive and exceptional program that not only enhances physical fitness but also develops discipline, leadership, and unity among cadets. By creating an environment that promotes precision, teamwork, and personal growth, daily morning parade training equips cadets with the necessary skills to excel in their military careers and become exemplary individuals in society. 


Mess at Manasa Defence Academy


Classes in Manasa Defence Academy are taken in modern way that is through digital screen boards. Learning is processes which should be of many ways and Manasa takes care of that in a very particular manner. Students at Manasa Defence Academy are taught theoretically, visually and practically. The teaching methods at Manasa are very unique and effective.


Swimming pool at manasa defence academy



Manasa Defence Academy is the only academy in India providing students with complete and modern facilities. No other academy than Manasa Defence Academy provides Swimming facility or training within the campus. Students are trained and taught to swim by expert swimmers.


GYM at Manasa Defence Academy

Facilities at Manasa are never less than any. Students are provided with well equipped gym and a trainer with proper guidance and timings. Students are provided with good guidance and motivation to meet both the ends.


Chemistry Lab at Manasa Defence Academy


Students joining manasa for 10+2 with job course are also made prepared for intermediate examinations with lots of practical knowledge. “Best way to learn something is to do it practically”. Manasa have laboratory space for both Physics and Chemistry and expert and experienced faculties to handle them with care and affection.


Mess at Manasa Defence Academy


Manasa takes care about the students’ health and hygiene. Safety and hygiene is never compromised here. Healthy, tasty and hygienic food is provided to students with no serving limits (unlimited food). Food menu contains both north Indian and south Indian dishes with both veg and non-veg items. Students are also taught proper table manners as a part of personality development.


hostel at Manasa defence academy


Hostel rooms at Manasa Defence Academy are neat and clean, also completely air ventilated and spacious enough for any ones comfort. Good and comfortable beds with luggage space. Daily cleaning and maintenance. Staff at manasa makes sure of the nature and odour of the rooms to make sure if a student is comfortable and hygienic.


Group Study at Manasa Defence Academy



Each and every student at Manasa is given special attention and care towards their health, study and physical. Students are given their own time for self-preparation, group preparation and doubt clearing sessions. Friendly behaviour of all the staff members makes sure that no student shall face any problem regarding any field.



Whole Campus including classrooms, labs, ground, mess and  corridors of hostel rooms etc are under CCTV surveillance to insure students’ safety and security without hurting their privacy.


Medical Checkup in Manasa Defence Academy



Medical checkup in Manasa is conducted during the admission procedure by Retired defence doctors to ensure that if a student is completely fit as per the defence criteria. Not only this when ever a student gets qualified for Medical examination of any post he is again sent for pre-medical checkup and gives the student good clarification related to his medical conditions and precautions and cures if needed.


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Student at Manasa gets guidance from the day of admission to, till the date of joining the armed forces. Each and every detailing is explained to the student at every step. Form filling and admit card facilities are also available within the campus. Student is guided at every step of his journey.